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Approved at the LCYC Annual Meeting
September 2021



The purpose of the Lake City Yacht Club (Club) shall be to promote the participation and enjoyment of Yachting, both Sail and Power; to encourage Racing, Cruising, and all other activities related to Yachting and contributing to its pleasure or to the promotion of its future; to foster a knowledge of Seamanship and all related subjects and an understanding of the Rules of the Road and Yacht Etiquette; to encourage in Youth an active interest in Yachting; and to maintain suitable Club Quarters and Facilities for the enjoyment of its Members.



There shall be no requirements for membership in the Club, either formal or informal, that shall serve to restrict from membership any qualified applicant because of the applicant’s race, religion, sex, or national origin.

The Board of Directors may at any time limit the number of members or classes of membership the Club shall have.

SEC. 2.01. REGULAR MEMBERS. Regular members are those members, 18 years or older who have paid full initiation fees and dues and whose application has been approved by the Board of Directors of the Club (Regular Member). Member, spouse/partner and minor children shall constitute a single membership. Regular Members are entitled to one vote per membership and one set of keys to the Clubhouse. See Sec. 3.01, 8.03 and 8.05.

SEC. 2.02. SPECIAL CLASSES OF MEMBERSHIP. There shall be three classes of Non-Voting Membership: Honorary, Crew, and Associate. Each of these memberships is subject to renewal annually with the exception of the lifetime honorary members.

SEC. 2.02a. HONORARY MEMBERSHIP. Honorary Membership shall be conferred by unanimous vote of the Board of Directors to any individual deserving such special consideration. Honorary members shall not be assessed fees or dues. Honorary membership shall be reaffirmed by the Board of Directors of the Club (Board) on an annual basis. Honorary members shall receive the same correspondence as Regular Members and shall be welcome at all Club social activities. Honorary members are entitled to one set of keys to the clubhouse.

SEC. 2.02b. CREW MEMBERSHIP. Crew Membership is available to those who serve as crew on yachts owned by Regular Members. Crew members shall receive the same correspondence as Regular Members, shall be welcome at all Club social activities and may serve on Club Committees, though not as Chair.

SEC. 2.02c. ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP. Associate Membership shall be available to those who do not have a boat or berth their boat beyond a radius of 30 miles from Lake City, Minn. Associate Members shall receive the same correspondence as Regular Members, shall be welcome at all Club social activities and may serve on Club Committees, though not as Chair.

SEC. 2.03 ELECTION OF MEMBERS. The Board shall elect all new Members and approve all changes from one class of membership to another.

SEC. 2.04. MEMBERS’ PROPERTY RIGHTS. Regular, voting Members shall have rights of interest in the Club, including keys to the clubhouse and all such rights and interest shall cease with the termination of membership in the Club.

SEC. 2.05. MEMBERS IN ARMED SERVICES. Any member who enters the U.S. armed services, on other than a permanent basis, shall have their class of membership continued until the termination of their service.

SEC. 2.06. REGULAR MEMBERS. A Regular Member may resign at any time. The resignation of a Regular Member does not relieve the Regular Member from any obligations the Regular Member may have to the Club for dues, assessments, or fees or charges for goods and services. Any Regular Member who has resigned must deliver to the Membership Chair any Club property that may be in the possession of the Regular Member including keys to the clubhouse. Any property rights in the Club shall cease with the Regular Member’s resignation. Any Regular Member who has resigned and who has discharged any obligations to the Club may again become a Regular Member without payment of the initiation fee after the application for renewal of membership has been approved.


Delinquency: Any member whose dues or assessments are unpaid two (2) months after the period for which they are due shall be notified of their indebtedness by the Purser or Membership Director through a notice mailed to their last known address. In the event that such indebtedness is not paid within thirty (30) days after notification and unless extension of time is granted by the Board at their request, the delinquent member shall be notified in writing that they may be suspended from the privileges of the Club. Any member who is so notified may have their privileges restored upon payment of their indebtedness. After the thirty (30)day period has passed, the delinquent member may be expelled from the Club and their name dropped from the rolls for nonpayment of their indebtedness. While suspended, a member is not eligible to hold office, vote, race, or enjoy any privileges of the Club.

Misconduct: Any member who shall willfully violate any of the rules of the Club or who shall be guilty of such misconduct as to be unworthy of the privileges of mem­bership may be expelled by the Board. What constitutes miscon­duct shall be determined by the Board. Expulsion proceedings shall be initiated upon written complaint and notice thereof with the time and place of hearing given to the accused member, who shall then be permitted to appear before the Board and testify with reference to the charges. No member shall be expelled or suspended except by the vote of three-fourths (3/4) of the Board. Expulsion shall not relieve a member from any liability for any indebtedness to the club.

SEC. 2.08. OTHER RIGHTS. Club sailing instructions or the Annual Membership Application may define other rights and privileges of all classes of membership consistent with these By-Laws.

SEC. 2.09. NOTICES. The Steward shall give the following prior notice of meetings: Board, five days; Elections, twenty days. All other prior notices not specified by these By-Laws or by the Board shall be not less than fourteen or more than thirty days. Also see Sec. 9.01 on the Annual Meeting.



SEC. 3.01. ANNUAL ELECTION. The election of Officers shall be held at the Annual Meeting. See Sec. 9.01. The candidates receiving a majority of the votes cast by Regular Members present who hold a Membership Certificate (Voting Member) shall be elected. There will be only one vote per Membership Certificate. See Sec. 2.01 and 8.03. Proxy votes and voting by mailed ballot shall not be allowed in the elections. Those Officers and Directors nominated will be presented by the Nominating Committee, and that slate of Officers and Directors may be augmented by nominations from the floor made only by Voting Members. Only Voting Members shall be eligible to be elected for Officer or Director.

SEC. 3.02. TERM OF OFFICE. All Officers and Directors elected at the Annual Meeting shall take office at the Annual Fall Banquet or not later than December 1, whichever comes first.

SEC. 3.03. TERM OF OFFICE – OFFICERS. Officers are elected for one-year terms.

SEC. 3.04. TERM OF OFFICE – DIRECTORS. Two Directors are elected each year for two-year terms.

SEC 3.05 VACANCIES. Vacancies to the Board may be filled by appointment by the Board from qualified Members eligible for such positions.



SEC. 4.01. BOARD OF DIRECTORS. The Board shall consist of the Executive Officers of the Club, Steward, Purser, four Directors, and the Past Commodore. Only Regular Members may serve on the Board of Directors.

SEC. 4.02. EXECUTIVE OFFICERS. The Executive Officers of the Club shall be the Commodore, Vice Commodore, and Rear Commodore.

SEC. 4.03. ELECTIVE OFFICERS. The Elective Officers of the Club shall be the Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Steward, Purser, and four (4) Directors.

SEC. 4.04 APPOINTIVE OFFICES. The Commodore shall appoint a Librarian, Nominating Committee, Legal Advisor, and such other appointees as deemed necessary.

SEC. 4.05. COMMITTEES. Upon recommendation of the Commodore, the following committees of the Club shall be appointed by action of the majority of the members of the Board at their first regular meeting after their installation: the Regatta Committee, Social Committee, Membership Committee, Clubhouse Committee, Long Range Planning Committee, Publicity Committee, and such other Committees as the Board may desire to create. Upon recommendation of the Commodore, the Nominating Committee shall be appointed by action of a majority of the members by the Board at the June meeting of the Board. Reference Sec. 6.06.

SEC. 4.06 FINANCIAL LIMITATIONS ON COMMITTEES. Any Committee of Members of the Club, who shall without the authority from the Board, obligate the Club to pay out money in excess of a definite appropriation, or for which no appropriation has been voted, shall be personally responsible for its payment and shall reimburse the Club for the full amount of such unauthorized expenditure.



SEC. 5.01. AUTHORITY OF THE BOARD. The Board has the responsibility to control and supervise the management of the property of the Club and has the responsibility to see that all collections, disbursements, purchases, and all other financial transactions are carried out in a proper manner. It must establish Club policy and see that it is carried out according to the By-Laws.

SEC. 5.02. MEETINGS. The Board shall establish such meetings as they deem advisable during the year and shall have Special Meetings as the Commodore deems necessary or upon written request of two (2) members of the Board. A Log Book shall be established for all Board minutes and related papers and kept available to Members in the Clubhouse under the care of the Steward. Board minutes will include the time and place of the next meeting, and all Board Meetings shall be open to Voting Members

SEC. 5.03. ABSENCE. Any Officer or Director who absents themselves from three consecutive meetings of the Board without excuse satisfactory to the majority of the Board membership shall be deemed to have resigned and the office shall be declared vacant.

SEC. 5.04. MEMBERSHIP. The Board or its delegate shall approve all candidates to membership in the Club.

SEC. 5.05. GENERAL POWERS. All unusual and unanticipated questions not covered by these By Laws shall be decided by the Board.


SEC. 6.01. COMMODORE. The Commodore is chief executive officer of the Club and shall enforce or cause to be enforced all provisions of the Club By-Laws. The Commodore shall preside as Chair at all regular meetings of the General Membership and of the Board. The Commodore shall call Special Meetings of the Board when deemed necessary and Special Meetings of the Membership upon written requests of ten (10) Voting Members in good standing. The Commodore shall command the Club Squadrons and shall be the official representative of the Club at all social and special events.

SEC. 6.02. VICE COMMODORE It shall be the duty of the Vice Commodore to assist the Commodore and officiate in the absence of the Commodore.

SEC. 6.03. REAR COMMODORE. It shall be the duty of the Rear Commodore to assist the Vice Commodore and Commodore and officiate in their absence.

SEC. 6.04. STEWARD. It shall be the duty of the Steward to conduct the correspondence of the Club, send out all notices required by these By-Laws, and to record in a permanent form the Minutes of all regular or special meetings of the Board and of the General Membership. The Steward shall place all minutes in the Log Book. In the case of Special Meetings, the Steward’s Notice shall state the business intended.

SEC. 6.05. PURSER. It shall be the duty of the Purser to receive all revenues of the Club from whatever source and to issue receipts; to pay all bills which have been properly authorized by the Board out of the funds available for that purpose; and to render a statement to each member who is indebted to the Club, showing such member’s indebtedness. The Purser shall keep a full and accurate account of all receipts and disbursements in permanent form in a suitable book or books furnished by the Club. An Operating Statement and Balance Sheet shall be maintained and audited as of the beginning of each Fiscal Year according to Sec. 8.01. Upon request of the Board, the Purser shall open such books for their inspection and exhibit proper vouchers for all disbursements. The Purser shall keep an annual inventory of the Club property. A written report of the current financial condition of the Club will be submitted at each General and Board Meeting.

SEC. 6.06. OTHER DUTIES. The Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, and the four (4) Directors shall assume the first six Committee Duties as listed in Article VII, Sec. 7.01 – 7.06. These Committee appointments may be changed by the Board, and these Officers and Directors may have other such duties assigned to them by the Board. Reference Sec. 4.05.



SEC. 7.01. REGATTA COMMITTEE. The Regatta Committee shall be responsible for all boating activities of the Club. This shall include Racing, Cruising, Family Activities, Seamanship, Safety, Juniors, Power, and all other such special events. They shall appoint a Race Chair and a Cruise Chair to organize and conduct these events, to post and publish their schedules, to furnish proper equipment, and to establish suitable rules for the proper conduct of these activities. The Regatta Committee shall also establish Handicap, Protest, Scoring, Awards, and any other such committees necessary. The Regatta Committee shall be responsible for suitable insurance protection for all events and shall see that suitable equipment and supervision is provided for the welfare of all the members. The Regatta Committee shall see that these activities be conducted in a manner consistent with the Rules and Regulations of the United States Sailing Association, Inc. (US Sailing). The Regatta Committee shall also maintain a committee boat for all events that is properly staffed and equipped. The calendar of all these events shall be coordinated with the Social Committee and submitted to the Board for approval. This schedule should be provided to the Publicity Committee for the Activities Booklet, for promotion of these events, and to submit the results of such activities to the press.

SEC. 7.02. SOCIAL COMMITTEE. The Social Committee shall be responsible for all social events and entertainment given by the Club and shall establish a calendar of social activities coordinated with the Regatta Committee to be submitted to the Board for approval and publishing in the Club Directory.

SEC. 7.03. MEMBERSHIP. The Membership Committee shall be responsible for preparing the Annual Membership Application and letter with dues and fees as approved according to the By-Laws. This shall be e-mailed to all members in January and to any other persons or groups to promote and develop active membership in the Club. All dues, fees, and other funds shall be accurately recorded and forwarded to the Purser and an accurate listing maintained of all Voting Members. The Committee shall administer the various classes of membership according to these By-Laws, and a listing of all members shall be submitted to the Board for acceptance and to the Publicity Committee for publication. A continuing record of keys and key numbers shall be maintained for the integrity of Club access and control of key deposits. The Membership Committee shall receive all applications for resignation from members along with any Club property that they may have in their possession. The Membership Committee shall bring their applications before the Board for action and notify such member of the action taken. The Membership Committee shall also notify any member of their fine, censure, suspension, or expulsion.

SEC. 7.04 CLUBHOUSE. The Clubhouse Committee shall be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Clubhouse, equipment, furniture, fixtures, and general decor. This will include cleaning, service and repair, utilities, supplies, and such other matters for the enjoyment of the Clubhouse by all its members. They shall also be responsible for insurance, rents, and Club operations according to the terms of its lease. They shall develop and recommend all Club rules and policies to the Board for approval and posting.

SEC. 7.05. LONG RANGE PLANNING. The Long Range Planning Committee shall be responsible for future planning of the Club as to building, grounds, programs, and facilities to most reasonably accommodate the planned activities of the Club and to best meet the needs of all its members. Appropriate surveys of the membership shall be conducted as necessary for recommendations to the Board to meet these responsibilities. The Long Range Planning Committee shall relate to the Marina and the Marina Board and conduct any discussions on lease matters. Costs shall be determined for any necessary projects together with funding recommendations to be referred to the Board for approval.

SEC. 7.06. PUBLICITY COMMITTEE. The duties of the Publicity Committee shall be to publish a newsletter and the annual Club Directory. The Publications Committee will also provide the public press and yachting periodicals with such information concerning affairs of the Club as may be of interest to the public and benefit to the Club. The Publicity Committee shall encourage articles and letters of concern from the Membership to be published in the newsletter. Any articles that the Publicity Committee feels should be edited may be submitted to the Board for a decision.

SEC. 7.07. LEGAL ADVISOR. The Legal Advisor shall assist the Commodore and Board in matters requiring advice and interpretation of Articles, By-Laws, leases, and such other matters necessary for the proper administration of the Club.

SEC. 7.08. LIBRARIAN. The Librarian shall have charge of preserving copies of Club publications and records of Club activities, including pictures and books suitable for display in the Club.

SEC. 7.09 SUPERVISION OF COMMITTEES. The plans, policies, budget, progress, and final reports of all committees shall be presented to the Board for approval. All committees shall submit a budget for their operations to the Board for approval, to which they will be held accountable. The Board shall see that the total Budgets submitted, together with any other administrative expense, are in keeping with the total dues and fees that have been approved by the Voting Members at the Annual Meeting. See Sec. 8.06.



SEC. 8.01. FISCAL YEAR. The Fiscal Year of the Club shall be a calendar year from January 1.

SEC. 8.02. MEMBERSHIP TERM. Annual Membership shall begin May 1. The annual membership letter shall be e-mailed to all prior year’s members on or around March 1, with a second notice e-mailed to members 8 days prior to May 1. After which date, keys will be de-activated until dues are paid in full.

SEC. 8.03. INITIATION FEE. Any initiation fee shall be subject to these same By-Laws on financial matters. Only Regular Members may pay an Initiation Fee that has been established at the Annual Meeting. They shall then receive a registered membership certificate which is required to become a Voting Member, entitling them to one vote per family or co-owned boat. See Sec. 2.01 and 3.01. Voting Member, as used in these By-Laws, is a Regular Member holding a Membership Certificate.

SEC. 8.04. BUDGET AND DUES. At each Annual Meeting, the Board shall submit a proposed budget. A schedule of dues and fees shall be presented to the members for the coming fiscal year for acceptance or amendment by a majority vote of qualified voters. This shall be published in the Mainsheet, posted in the Clubhouse, or mailed to all members at least twenty (20) days prior to the Annual Meeting or a meeting called to consider these matters.

SEC. 8.05. CLUB KEYS. The Club will be locked and keys will be available for those Regular and Honorary Members as determined by the Board, and those members will be responsible for the use of that key. There may be a refundable key deposit to be determined by the Board. Reference Sec. 7.03.

SEC. 8.06. EXPENDITURES. No expenditure of Club funds may be made by any Officer, Committee, or Member unless duly authorized by the Board. The Board shall not cause expenditures to exceed income by more than three-percent (3%) in any fiscal year without approval of the Membership unless the funds have been included in the Budget as presented in Sec. 8.04. The exception shall be that the Board may prudently use capital reserves to maintain or replace Club assets. See also Sec. 7.09.

SEC. 8.07. SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS. The Club may, by two-thirds (2/3) vote of those present at a meeting, levy any special assessment upon members of the Club provided that twenty (20) days notice is given to all members of such a meeting. Special Assessments must be paid by the due date established.



SEC. 9.01. ANNUAL MEETINGS. The Annual Meeting of the Club shall be set by the Board and printed in the Club Directory or mailed and posted at least twenty (20) days prior to the meeting date. Elections will be conducted according to Article Ill Finance according to Article VIII, and General matters according to Sec. 9.02.

SEC. 9.02. GENERAL MEETINGS. Meetings of the Club shall be called; the date, time, and place to be set by the Board. The Voting Members at any regularly called and constituted meeting of the Club may by motion duly made and carried by a majority vote, adopt resolutions and motions relating to and providing for Club activities and policies. The current Board shall have proper regard for and give serious consideration to the opinion and direction of any resolution or motion so adopted.

SEC. 9.03. SPECIAL MEETINGS. Special meetings may be called upon written application of ten Voting Members in good standing. Such applications shall be submitted to the Steward and shall state the purpose for which the special meeting is called. No business other than that stated shall be transacted at the special meeting; it is further provided that such a special meeting will be called not less than one week from the date of the application. No special meeting may be called for Sundays or legal holidays.

SEC. 9.04. QUORUMS. Twenty percent (20%) of the Voting Members all in good standing shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the membership.

SEC. 9.05. CONDUCT OF MEETINGS. All meetings of the membership and of the Board shall be conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order, which shall also be the authority for all other procedural matters not covered by these By-Laws.

SEC. 9.06. MEMBERS LIST FOR MEETINGS. The Board may fix a date not more than sixty (60) days before the date of a meeting of the members as a date for determination of the members entitled to notice of the meeting. If the Board fails to set such a date, the date shall be the sixtieth (60th) day before the date of the meeting. After fixing a record date for a meeting, the Steward shall prepare a list of the names (in alphabetical order), addresses and number of votes of each member entitled to vote at the meeting. Beginning two (2) business days after notice of the meeting is given, the list shall be available at the Clubhouse for inspection and copying upon written demand by any member, at the member’s expense, for the sole purpose of communication with other members concerning the meeting. The list shall be made available through the date of the meeting and at the meeting.



SEC. 10.01. AMENDMENTS. Procedure to amend these By-Laws shall be: (a) The Board may propose the amendment to the By-Laws by resolution, setting forth the proposed amendment and directing that it be submitted for adoption at a meeting of the members, or (b) ten percent (10%) of the Voting Members may set forth a proposed amendment by petition by those subscribed, which petition shall be filed with the Steward. Notice of the meeting of the members stating the purpose, including the proposed amendment, shall be given to each Regular, Voting Member and to each Officer and Director regardless of voting rights. If the notice required by this section has been given, the proposed amendment may be adopted at any meeting of the members by a two-thirds (2/3) vote.

SEC. 10.02. SUSPENSION OF BY-LAWS. These By-Laws may not be suspended at any time.

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